Martial Arts

Dr. Mark Wiley

Tai Chi and ballet ease symptoms of MS

Multiple Sclerosis is (MS) one of those confusing disease labels. The cause is difficult to find and the pathology or how the disease affects a person, varies from person to person. But MS is debilitating and life with it is a struggle of symptoms, including difficulties with coordination and balance, among many others.

Jenny Smiechowski

Relief for that pain in the neck

Is your neck constantly tight, achy and irritated? If so, you may have tech neck — neck pain caused by too much time spent staring at a smartphone or computer. Try this for relief…

Dr. Mark Wiley

The Zen warrior’s path to whole health

The Zen Warriors knew something vital: how to engage in a comprehensive mind, body, spirit practice that not only protected them but more often led to development of optimal health. One practice, many results. It can transform your life too…

Dr. Terry Wahls

Follow your inner warrior to thrive

Martial arts were a large part of my early life. I loved the work outs. They were perfect–and I had strength, balance and interval training in those classes–which I now know are excellent for improving nerve growth factors in the brain and improving cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness.

Dr. Mark Wiley

Drawing the circle: Tai chi exercise for a supple waist, and low back and leg flexibility

Having a loose and supple waist, low back and hamstrings is one of the best things to reduce injury and increase feelings of wellbeing in the body. There is a simple exercise that can do it without having to leave the home.

Dr. Mark Wiley

This martial arts tip can save you from a bad fall

I love traditional martial arts, especially the kind that are focused on self-development and grounded in traditional methods of mind-body development and physical culture. Plus, there are many movements from traditional martial arts that can carry over into everyday life.