Martial Arts

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Beat menopause with a 10,000-year-old Chinese secret

Menopause can be a nightmare of hot flashes, depression and fatigue. Luckily, there is an answer in a 10,000-year-old traditional Chinese practice that has helped many women overcome these challenges and reduce the severity of menopausal symptoms…

Dr. Mark Wiley

Using Tai Chi to soothe neck and shoulder pain

Tai Chi was developed thousands of years ago as a system of health preservation, fitness and self-defense. It is described in the West as “moving meditation” because coordinated movements and breathing techniques lead you into a meditative state of gentle relaxation…

Dr. Mark Wiley

Tai chi slows aging by boosting stem cells

As you age, it’s natural for your stem cell production to decline. But research is indicating you can boost your body’s production of these self-renewing cells just by practicing the ancient art of tai chi regularly…

Dr. Mark Wiley

The easy way to get rid of a pain in the neck

Many of us suffer from neck pain and there are many reasons why… Chronic pain often stems from stress and poor posture habits. Sudden pain, stiffness and strain means you may be overdoing it. Whatever the cause, these easy, painless movements can bring relief…

Dr. Mark Wiley

Neigong: Creating energy and well-being while barely moving

One form of neigong exercises is known as “standing post” postures, of which there are over a dozen. Many people credit these exercises with anti-aging benefits including significant improvements to balance, strength, immune function and wellbeing.

Dr. Mark Wiley

Tai Chi: The healing power of movement

Premodern civilizations developed a vast array of mind/body techniques and practices for achieving enlightenment and long life. Science it catching up with the realization that the ancient methods hold modern value…