Mediterranean diet

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Decade-long study reveals what slows cognitive decline despite APOE gene

We’re told with age we can expect our memory to fail. But does aging really mean an inevitable journey of cognitive decline? Or can we stave off memory loss, even in the face of a genetic predisposition to it? 10 years of research shows how to do the latter…

Joyce Hollman

Rewind the clock on your brain’s age

Time marches on, but you don’t have to join the parade. Research is stacking up, in one area in particular, that it’s more than possible to slow down how old your body feels and acts. And the organ that runs the show is where to start…

Joyce Hollman

7 habits proven to reduce breast cancer recurrence

For a breast cancer survivor, the emotional repercussions are twofold: on the one hand, there’s relief. On the other hand, there’s the fear it can reappear at any time and without warning. These 7 habits can put your mind at ease…

Joyce Hollman

The diet that sheds pounds and keeps your brain from shrinking

Studies have shown it doubles weight loss, slows brain aging and brain atrophy and decreases liver fat. It could be the one diet to answer all our problems. Here’s how to go “green” for a big brain and slimmer waist and liver…

Carolyn Gretton

Could a sleeping pill prevent Alzheimer’s?

Research has established a definite link between poor sleep and cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s. Sleep medication seems the easy answer, but some of those can also raise dementia risks. But there’s a new pill on the block, and researchers think it has potential to lower amyloid and tau…

Joyce Hollman

Women can eat away a quarter of their heart disease risk

Heart problems have long been associated with men, and research may be to blame. A decade’s worth of cardiovascular studies found only about 38 percent of subjects were women. But one group dug deep and found advice that could lower a woman’s unique risk by almost 25 percent.