Mental Health

Jenny Smiechowski

The easiest way to send your insomnia into remission

As someone who’s suffered from insomnia, I know how difficult finding safe, satisfying sleep solutions is. That’s why research from Sweden recently caught my eye. It was about a natural insomnia remedy that can make a serious dent in insomnia in just a short time — maybe even send it into remission.

Jenny Smiechowski

The best therapy for reducing disease-causing inflammation

Everyone is trying to curb chronic inflammation nowadays. That’s because science has clearly identified it as a major contributor to disease and pain. Popular approaches to dousing it include anti-inflammatory diets and drugs. But a kind of mental therapy can significantly slash your levels — no diet changes or drugs needed!

Jerry Walker, Ph.D., Dale Wilson, Ph.D.

The natural health benefits of an emotional support animal

From a natural health perspective, there is strong evidence to suggest various benefits to a person’s mental and physical health from interacting with a pet. Studies found a significant reduction in stress among cardiac patients when compared to non-pet owning cardiac patients with similar conditions.