Joyce Hollman

Metabolism slowing with age? Reverse it

It seems unfair that when we hit a certain age, our metabolism slows down, the weight starts to hang on and the risks of dangerous health conditions ramp up. But thanks to a better understanding of the type of fats we carry, your age-related metabolism change could be reversed…

Joyce Hollman

The vitamin that could turn prediabetes around

Prediabetes is a silent sign diabetes isn’t far behind. Watching weight, blood sugar and cholesterol could help you avoid it. But if you find yourself in prediabetes limbo, like 10 million other adults, researchers say a common vitamin could be a big help…

Jedha Dening

6 teas that boost metabolism, tame appetite and fight fat

Did you know habitual tea drinkers have lower BMI and waist-to-hip ratios, and less body fat than non-tea drinkers? In addition, teas offer protection against many of the health risks associated with being overweight. Here are six that top the list…

Joyce Hollman

6 ways to lessen your risk for gallstones

Gallstones are tiny, hard “pebbles” made of cholesterol. They’re usually very small but can grow to several centimeters, causing pain and sometimes, medical emergencies. Here are some tips to make it less likely you’ll get them…

Carolyn Gretton

Vitamin D metabolism: Why it’s not a one-size-fits-all vitamin

Studies into vitamin D have produced mixed results. Take the VITAL trial that saw reductions in cancer deaths and autoimmune diseases with vitamin D up to 40% in some people, and minimal results in others. Now we know why: it’s not a one-size-fits-all vitamin.

Joyce Hollman

5 additional benefits of walking when you do it backwards

Walking is my exercise of choice. No equipment or special skills required! But what really inspires me to lace up my walking shoes is the documented benefits. But guess what? Walking backwards is even better, especially if you have joint or low back pain…