Joyce Hollman

Kombucha: The bacterial boost your metabolism needs

You may have heard of kombucha, but not jumped on board the hype. Well, if you’re looking to reduce fat, lower triglycerides and lose weight, kombucha can get you there by boosting the bacteria your body needs to ramp up your metabolism.

Carolyn Gretton

Scientists find how to control body’s fat-burning switch

Certain types of body fat are better than others. White fat isn’t one of them. Accounting for most of the body’s fat, it amounts to stored calories that if not burned, keep adding up. But brown fat ramps up metabolism and controlling it is in our reach…

Carolyn Gretton

The nut that slays pesky pounds, diabetes and high cholesterol

Losing weight, like so many things, gets harder with age, while packing the pounds on seems to get only easier. Lucky for us, one of our favorite nuts may be the answer. New research says it’s powerful enough to be designated a superfood…

Jenny Smiechowski

The best holiday food to hamper holiday weight gain

They wouldn’t be holidays if we didn’t indulge, right? But rich, starchy, sugary desserts lead to weight gain and soaring blood sugar. There’s one seasonal treat that contains powerful metabolism boosters that can counteract the harm and help you enjoy the holidays guilt-free…

Joyce Hollman

5 ways cinnamon can keep you slim and healthy

There are so many ways to enjoy the taste of cinnamon: tea, coffee, baking, casseroles. In fact, almost any food group can be enhanced by this stimulating flavor. Consider adding it into your cooking and baking, but to reap its amazing health benefits, all cinnamon is not created equally…

Joyce Hollman

Insulin resistance: Early signs and ditching the diabetes danger

Insulin resistance isn’t a disease state. It is an early warning, though, that if things don’t change, that’s exactly where you body’s headed. But if you’re only focusing on food and weight loss, you missing some very important pieces of the puzzle…