Nutritional Deficiency

Joyce Hollman

Vitamin D’s ties to autoimmune and age-related fatigue

You might feel fatigued after a long day of activities or a long night of poor sleep. But if daily fatigue is your constant companion, the cause may be a condition that’s zapping your energy or a vitamin deficiency — or both.

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Tinnitus: Helping the brain learn to filter sound again

Less is known about what causes tinnitus than about the risk factors associated with it. That’s why people with the condition are often told nothing can be done about it. Luckily, researchers who understand how the brain filters sound haven’t given up…

Joyce Hollman

The missing amino acid linked to depression

New research indicates that a deficiency in an amino acid could be part of what causes depression. But previous research has validated its importance in metabolism, heart health, immune function and even longevity. Are you getting enough?

Joyce Hollman

The mineral that works like ‘insurance’ against dementia

If you’re health conscious, you might focus on getting important nutrients like vitamins through diet or by supplementing. But how much mind do you pay to minerals? There’s one that half of us are deficient in. Considering it just might be the best insurance against dementia, that’s a problem…

Carolyn Gretton

5 micronutrients Alzheimer’s brains are missing

With Alzheimer’s on the rise, experts are exploring every angle to slow the disease’s progression. Drugs have been disappointing, but nutrition is another story. Researchers just identified five key nutrients found in normal brains, but missing in brains affected by Alzheimer’s…

Carolyn Gretton

What receding gums signal about this shrinking organ

The exact cause of Alzheimer’s disease is elusive. But studies that find an association with certain conditions or practices, provide clues for prevention. The more we learn about what causes brain shrinkage, the more we can adopt habits to keep a healthy plump brain as long as possible…