Carolyn Gretton

The reason meat leads to cancer? Your body builds antibodies against it

Experts have long believed diet can influence the development of cancer, but data showing exactly why has been scarce. However, a new study has found why meat leads to cancer. It comes down to a meat molecule we build antibodies against — defining a molecular connection between cancer and a diet of animal-based products…

Joyce Hollman

10 science-based tips for keeping produce fresh longer

Do you often buy fresh veggies and fruits only to have them rot before you can eat them? The problem may be with some common mistakes most of us make when washing or storing them. Here are ten pointers on how to keep your produce fresh until you’re ready to eat it.

Joyce Hollman

How pure is your honey?

Raw honey is probably the sweetest health food out there. Unfortunately, even as a natural, unprocessed product, raw honey may still arrive on your store shelves with pesticides, herbicides and bacteria. But there are simple ways to make sure you’re eating “clean” honey and getting all of its health benefits.

Joyce Hollman

How not to get breast cancer from your salad

In 1972, the United States banned the use of the pesticide DDT. But other endocrine-disrupting pesticides have taken its place and are still in use. Luckily, there are ways to protect yourself from exposure to these endocrine-disrupting chemicals that cause breast cancer.

Jenny Smiechowski

The diet that gets most glyphosate out of your body in just 6 days

Dozens of pesticides are used on our food, many of which have been linked to hormone disruption, neurological problems, immune system issues and more. Luckily, recent research shows that you can clear as much as 60 percent of these pesticides from your system in under a week with the right foods…

Virginia Tims-Lawson

Your gut-brain axis: A BOGO recipe for disease that’s no longer before it’s time

Who doesn’t like a BOGO deal? When it comes to shopping, I’ll take a “buy one-get one” deal every time… but when it comes to health, BOGO means that when one system isn’t functioning, it affects all other systems. That’s why so many diseases are linked — especially when it comes to your gut-brain axis…