Joyce Hollman

9 natural allergy remedies that won’t put you to sleep

For most allergy sufferers, spring can be absolutely miserable. If you’re tired of antihistamines that put you to sleep, give these natural allergy remedies a go, and watch out for the dehydration factor that can make your symptoms worse…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

How to get more from your vitamins

Are you among the 80 percent of Americans supplementing? Most of us realize that to feel better, have more energy, fight the ravages of time and avoid chronic conditions, nutrition matters. But are you making these 13 mistakes that can sabotage this healthy habit?

Jedha Dening

For lowest BP, eat your beets this way

Beets are a root vegetable we love for their bright purple flesh and pleasing sweet flavor. And if you’ve beat around the bush for a while, you might be aware that beets help your body produce a heart-healthy compound called nitric oxide. Here’s how to get the most of it…

Joyce Hollman

5 ‘magic’ seeds to snack on every day

In some case, the smallest part of a plant contains the most powerful nutrition… Here are five seeds in particular that you should know about. Because these tiny powerhouses are so packed with goodness — they could actually help you live longer and healthier!

Jenny Smiechowski

The diet that gets most glyphosate out of your body in just 6 days

Dozens of pesticides are used on our food, many of which have been linked to hormone disruption, neurological problems, immune system issues and more. Luckily, recent research shows that you can clear as much as 60 percent of them from your system in under a week with the right foods…

Joyce Hollman

6 unusual fall picks that pack big taste and nutrition

Autumn is harvest time. That means a variety of veggies and fruits are available now and bursting not only flavor, but health-boosting nutrients. It’s time to get adventurous and “wow” your taste buds. Here are six you might not have tried before…