Jenny Smiechowski

The best nutrient to stress-proof against leaky gut

Your gut goes through some big changes when you’re under stress. In fact, stress impacts the bacteria in your microbiome, and it may even cause a serious gut issue called leaky gut syndrome. But don’t worry too much (it’ll only make your gut worse!). There’s a way to shield your gut from stress…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The pesticide that helps pack on the pounds

It’s no secret that for decades Americans have been getting heavier. There are a lot of reasons why, and we’ve been conditioned to believe they are within our control, and that not following a healthy diet or overeating is no one’s fault but our own. But it may not have been the food all along, and instead, what was on the food…

Joyce Hollman

Not eating your greens? A greens powder could help

Less than ten percent of us eat enough leafy greens, and it’s making us sick. We either don’t like the taste, find them expensive and don’t like that they may cause gas and bloating. If you want to make healthier choices about what goes in your crisper — but have an easy option as well, here are the healthiest greens and what to look for in a greens powder.

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The pesticides that steal sleep and give you diabetes

When you eat foods that are not organic, not only are you being cheated of more healthful nutrition that should fight disease, you may get a dose of a toxin that’s stealing your sleep hormone and increasing your risk for metabolic disorders, like diabetes.

Carolyn Gretton

The reason meat leads to cancer? Your body builds antibodies against it

Experts have long believed diet can influence the development of cancer, but data showing exactly why has been scarce. However, a new study has found why meat leads to cancer. It comes down to a meat molecule we build antibodies against — defining a molecular connection between cancer and a diet of animal-based products…

Joyce Hollman

10 science-based tips for keeping produce fresh longer

Do you often buy fresh veggies and fruits only to have them rot before you can eat them? The problem may be with some common mistakes most of us make when washing or storing them. Here are ten pointers on how to keep your produce fresh until you’re ready to eat it.