Plant-based diet

Joyce Hollman

The diet that doubles fat loss and reduces disease risk

The traditional Mediterranean diet is well known for its benefits that lead to longevity, partly by improving heart health and weight. Hard to believe it could get any better than that, but hold onto your hat… Find out how to double visceral fat loss and drop disease risk, even more!

Joyce Hollman

Limiting protein: A strategy for cancer treatment and prevention

The search for a cure for cancer is proving to be a long-term effort, but experts are honing in on the mechanisms by which cancer cells grow and spread. Nutrition, especially, has often been examined as a possible path for preventing cancer. Now it may also treat it…

Joyce Hollman

6 unusual fall picks that pack big taste and nutrition

Autumn is harvest time. That means a variety of veggies and fruits are available now and bursting not only flavor, but health-boosting nutrients. It’s time to get adventurous and “wow” your taste buds. Here are six you might not have tried before…

Joyce Hollman

‘Menopause diet’ significantly reduces hot flashes and weight

The ‘M’ in menopause stands for miserable. Hot flashes at the most inopportune times during the day and relentless sleep robbers at night. If HRT isn’t for you, discover the diet that works as well and helped women drop an average of eight pounds…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

How much do plant-based foods protect your heart? Here are the numbers

If you’re still not eating more plant-based foods, what’s holding you back? Because if you’re doubting just how protective fruits and greens are at keeping heart problems at bay, we’ve got some hard and fast numbers that will have you saying ‘yes’ in a heartbeat…

Carolyn Gretton

A ‘food compass’ for healthy eating made easy

Healthy eating is overwhelming, what with trying to avoid salt, sugar and fats while trying to balance the right nutrients. What if a compass could guide you, especially one that found your favorite chips are not that bad in the big scheme of things?