Virginia Tims-Lawson

The supplement that makes it easier to cut out sugar

There’s good news for all of us who love our sweet and carb-laden treats but would like to tone them down a bit… and it’s all wrapped up in helping your gut help you make better choices, release appetite-suppressing hormones and increase calorie burn…

Jenny Smiechowski

Perfect pill melts fat, fights disease and keeps your body young

There’s an all-natural “pill” shown to help you lose weight. Sure, diet and exercise can help. But why not give yourself a break and take this pill every day? You’ll drop pounds and end up not only with a healthier body weight but a better gut, bones, skin and more!

Joyce Hollman

How the right fiber helps slash dementia risk

We’re always hearing we should eat more fiber. It helps maintain a healthy digestive system, reduces cholesterol and improves heart health. Now, research is finding that eating more of a particular type of fiber may also keep dementia away…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The Amazonian fruit offering hope against cancer

If there’s one thing most doctors would agree on it’s that the most difficult disease to treat has to be cancer. And while the emergence of immune checkpoint inhibitors has provided hope, there’s still room for improvement — and an Amazonia berry may be a key player.

Carolyn Gretton

The dietary secret to keeping your body clock in sync

Does your job require you to travel across time zones? Maybe you work late or deal with other factors that disrupt your schedule often? If so, you know what it’s like when your body clock gets out of sync, causing fragmented sleep and lack of focus. Luckily, researchers may have found a simple dietary solution for your jet-lagged misery…

Joyce Hollman

The once-a-day nutrient that eats away anxiety

When feelings of intense fear and dread become overwhelming and prevent us from doing everyday activities, an anxiety disorder may be the cause. Anxiety can be brought under control with medications, but at a cost. Don’t let it eat at you when you can eat it away…