Raw Food

Dr. Michael Cutler

What to eat (and how to supplement) to ward off stroke

Stroke scares the heck out of just about anybody. But the right antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory nutrients can help reduce the development of cerebrovascular disease — which can lead to stroke. Find out how these foods, herbs and nutrients you can supplement can help push your stroke risk far away…

Margaret Cantwell

The truth about lectins and the real reason beans ‘disagree’ with you

For years I struggled with digestive disorders. I tried elimination diets and finally found my problem was gluten. So I gave up grains. But still, certain foods, like beans, disagreed with me in a big way, and I mean more than gas. The reason why has been quite an eye opener…

Dr. Michael Cutler

Reversing Ulcerative Colitis With Food

When you eat foods that are high in micronutrients while also being low in sugar, you feed your cells for healthy growth and you lower inflammation.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz

The Raw Truth About The Raw Food Diet

In our health-conscious society, fad diets sprout up everywhere. Each seems to generate cure-all miracle claims and a growing number of devotees as well as critics. And while it may not be the newest diet craze, the raw food movement is on the rise. But how healthy is it?

Dr. Michael Cutler

Eat Your Way To Great Health

To eat the healthiest diet, you have to eat very little meat. But optimal health comes not just from minimizing the meat in your meals; you also have to maximize your consumption of nutrient-rich raw foods.

Dr. Michael Cutler

Stop The Aging Process In Its Tracks

No one welcomes those uninvited signs of aging: wrinkles, gray hair, less personal energy, trouble sleeping… As they say, aging isn’t for the squeamish. But you can fight off the “normal” consequences of getting older when you take control of your lifestyle and put the brakes on aging.