Self Care

Joyce Hollman

When women practice self-compassion, their hearts benefit

If you’ve cracked open a magazine or gotten online, you’ve seen lots of terms you might chalk up to New Age fads or practices, like “self-care” and “mindfulness.” News flash: beyond helping with stress, one specific practice made improvements to women’s hearts that could be seen in their arteries…

Carolyn Gretton

Feeling like leisure time is a waste of time risks health and happiness

We have more leisure time than ever, between 36 and 40 hours a week by some estimates. But we live in a society that makes us feel like every moment must be a productive one. Once you believe that, and internalize the message that leisure time is a waste of time, research shows you’re going to be more depressed and less happy, unless you think of it this way…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Giving in to wanderlust may be what you need right now

After a year of lockdowns, things are finally loosening up. If you’ve been suppressing your wanderlust, now may be a good time to give in. Not just because it could be safer, but because of some measurable wellness benefits that could impact your well-being.

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Self-care tips to bring your blood pressure down

High blood pressure can stem from a combination of issues. And while your doctor is prescribing medications, far too often other causes get ignored, leaving you with uncontrolled blood pressure problems that even the strongest medicines can’t fully control. Put these blood pressure-reducing interventions to work…

Joyce Hollman

How to clean your feet to avoid infection, fungus and warts

When you shower, do you wash your feet? I mean seriously and intently… or do you do as I did and hope all that soap trickling down would do the job? I’m here to tell you it doesn’t. Neglecting to wash your feet properly every day can lead to problems spanning from ugly feet to warts and infection…