Skin Cancer

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Melanoma carries higher genetic risk than previously thought

Under threat of skin cancer, we’ve been warned to avoid the sun or slather up in sunscreen. And unlike other cancers. the idea of genetic risk has been far removed from the likes of melanoma, the most dangerous of the skin cancers. New findings indicate just how wrong medical experts have been.

Carolyn Gretton

The ‘Barbie drug’ for tanning, weight loss and cancer

It’s a lab-made chemical originally used to help treat certain skin conditions. It’s similar to a hormone produced naturally by our bodies that increases production of skin-darkening pignments. But it’s a killer tan that you want to avoid at all costs…

Joyce Hollman

The vitamin that halves the risk of melanoma

The common wisdom has been that, other than avoiding the sun and monitoring changes in your skin, there wasn’t much you could do to prevent melanoma, especially if you were at high risk. A vitamin study just changed everything about that…

Joyce Hollman

Vitamin D levels bolster skin cancer treatment

Immune checkpoint inhibitors, cancer drugs that take the brakes off the natural immune response so T cells can anihilate cancer cells, are especially effective against melanoma, when caught early. But a new finding says vitamin D levels play into how effective the immunotherapy can be…

Carolyn Gretton

What makes hair gray? Stuck cells that hold cancer clues too

Once hair goes gray, there’s no going back. Or is there? Scientists exploring what lies at the root of the process made a discovery about the cells responsible that could potentially mean the end of gray hair and provides a big clue about melanoma…

Carolyn Gretton

Mediterranean diet improves cancer treatment for melanoma

Polyphenols are a subset of phytonutrients that are especially “bioactive.” They’re known for drug-like effects in human health. Considering the plethora of nutrition in the Mediterranean diet, finding it’s helpful in cancer treatment is no surprise…