Stamina and Performance

William Davis

Dimethylglycine: The key to stamina, performance and endurance

In the 1970s, scientists were able to isolate an amino acid known as DMG from its source. Eventually, it became one of many nutrients used by athletes to help give them a performance edge. But why should athletes get all the benefits? Find out what DMG can do for you…

Craig Cooper

How this one activity really makes you younger

There’s a lot of evidence that you can actually make your brain younger. No, you won’t be transported back to your twenties, but there’s much evidence pointing to activities that can make your brain perform like a 20-year-old, and it wouldn’t be all that surprising if your body followed suit…

Craig Cooper

Five foods to keep your husband’s sex drive strong

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and the way to your heart is though the bedroom, then the way to satisfy both is also through his stomach. You can help your husband achieve a stronger sex drive and better sexual performance by feeding him the right foods.

Carl Lowe

Drink the heart health superjuice

If you seek a powerful superjuice that can both restore heart health and juice up athletic performance, you should sip the juice once thought a humble vegetable juice but which has now humbled the competition.