Traditional Cancer Treatment

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

How to keep chemo from giving you heart disease

Chemo leaves you exhausted, nauseous, confused and unable to focus (chemo brain), and even worse — at risk for other health problems, including heart disease. That’s why, when diagnosed with cancer, there’s one healthy habit your doctor will advise you to continue, and research shows the sooner the better…

Easy Health Options Staff

Who are the cancer quacks now?

When you discover these kinds of truths, it’s easy to understand why mainstream medicine is so quick to “bad mouth” alternative treatments and therapies for cancer — or any disease for that matter. All the while they are covering up their own lies…

Dr. Isaac Eliaz

20 cancer-fighting foods you should be eating [infographic]

Strong evidence shows that a diet filled with a variety of plants foods helps reduce the risk of many cancers. Reference this handy infographic to make sure you’re eating the cancer-fighting foods!