Urinary Tract Infection

Joyce Hollman

Potential new strategy for treating UTIs kicks antibiotics to the curb

Experiencing a UTI is miserable. They cause stomach and pelvic pain, nausea, an almost constant feeling that you need to urinate, and a burning sensation when you do. But a new discovery has pointed the way to a potential non-antibiotic treatment based on the body’s response to the infection that might stop a UTI before it starts.

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

How urinary tract infections can lead to bladder cancer

Pain, burning, urgency — each of these symptoms will sound familiar if you’ve ever suffered from a urinary tract infection. And the likelihood is, you have. And while the pain and symptoms of the infection themselves are bad enough, according to a new study, having a urinary tract infection could be a signal of far worse to come…

Joyce Hollman

3 kinds of infection to watch for if you’re diabetic

Living with diabetes puts you at greater risk of infection, including skin and respiratory infections. Why? High blood sugar weakens your immune system, leaving you a wide-open target for infectious bacteria. That means you must be vigilant about more than your blood sugar. You must know these signs of infection…

Jenny Smiechowski

Common infections that increase your stroke and heart attack risk

When you get over an infection, you’re relieved that the worst is behind you… The discomfort. The pain. The worry that it will progress into something more serious. But you’re not completely in the clear yet. There’s a post-infection pitfall to be aware of. And a pretty serious one, at that…