Vascular Calcification

Joyce Hollman

How smokers can live longer at any age

If you’ve been a lifelong smoker, you might question whether it’s even worth the trouble to give up the habit now. A fifteen-year-long study found how to quit so you can live nearly as long as someone who has never picked up a cigarette in their life…

Margaret Cantwell

The vitamin that fights a common contributor of unhealthy aging

Longer lifespans have researchers scrambling for answers on how to keep an aging population healthier. One vitamin has emerged that many experts agree may be useful for several chronic conditions featuring a common denominator afflicting North Americans as we age…

Dr. Elizabeth Klodas MD, FACC

Men’s heart health: In your 60s and beyond

Although a heart attack may seem to come “out of the blue,” the substrate that enabled it to happen has been building for decades. But the more risk factors you can keep under control, the less likely you’ll have a heart attack in the future. And it truly is never too late to start…

Jenny Smiechowski

Why your bone health may be a sign of stiffening arteries

Your bone health isn’t something to be taken lightly. A hip break can land you in the hospital, even shorten your life span. But it’s not a heart attack, right? Not so fast. The development of mineral deposits in your arteries, which can lead to arterial stiffness, and bone mineralization share many overlapping processes. That’s why weak bones may be a sign of serious heart trouble…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Why you should be taking vitamin K

More than 75 percent of Americans take vitamins. In the over 35 group, that number goes up to an impressive 81 percent. Yet, with all of the vitamins we’re taking, there’s one that many people don’t know about in spite of multiple clinical studies that have proven the necessity of the vitamin for fighting off age-related concerns.

Margaret Cantwell

The nutrient deficiency that leads to bone-hard arteries

Plaque buildup and blockages within the arteries, known as atherosclerosis, is a condition where the arteries narrow and become hard because of what’s on the inside clogging them and building blood pressure. But new and shocking research shows a deficiency may actually turn your arteries to bone.