Joyce Hollman

Why showering less is a good idea, even during a pandemic

Even in these strange pandemic times, there’s a real downside to washing your body every day. So, if sheltering in place has changed your hygiene habits, don’t worry. Experts are telling us that what we’re really doing in our daily shower is throwing our microbiome out of balance, and here’s why that is not a good thing…

Carolyn Gretton

Relieving the symptoms of shingles naturally

Shingles can strike anyone who’s had chickenpox, although older adults tend to be more susceptible. This painful, burning, itching rash takes time to heal. But you can relieve its symptoms through a number of natural means while waiting for it to disappear…

Tracey G. Ingram, AuD

What garlic can do for the common cold

Garlic has been used for centuries in various ways to combat infectious diseases. And as the years of interest in garlic have ticked on, modern research has found garlic to be effective against many strains of bacteria. But what about the virus behind the common cold? Let’s see what the research has to say about how it stacks up…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Keeping warm this winter could make avoiding flu and COVID harder

We’ve heard the warnings. The fall and winter months are expected to be rocky with the combined COVID-19 threat and a potentially nasty flu season. If there was ever a good time to consider the status of your immune system and mitigate your exposure, it’s now. Especially since homes and offices may have a built-in super-spreader threat…

Jenny Smiechowski

What you should know about the alarmingly common heart complications from a flu infection

Researchers have known for a while that the flu is hard on your heart. In fact, sometimes people suffer from serious heart complications after recovering from the flu… even fatal heart attacks. But although researchers have known about the connection between the flu and heart trouble for a long time, they haven’t known exactly how prevalent it is until now…

Jenny Smiechowski

Honey beats medications at treating cough and upper respiratory tract infections

A lot of people see all-natural honey-based cough medicines on the drugstore shelf and think they need something stronger and more serious to tame their cough. But that just isn’t the case. Not only do popular drug-based cough medicines come with more risks, but they’re also not nearly as effective as plain old honey, according to the latest research.