weight gain

Carolyn Gretton

The ‘survival switch’ fructose flips to make us fat

Summer is almost over. And with winter just around the corner, you’ll want to give up the one thing that can make you pack on the pounds like a hibernating bear. And no, it isn’t a stew or casserole that’s the culprit…

Joyce Hollman

Taurine: The anti-aging amino acid

Imagine turning up the switch on a natural substance your body produces to avoid the ailments of aging. Wishful thinking? Not with this amino acid’s potential to suppress weight gain, increase bone mass, muscle strength and endurance, reduce depression, insulin resistance, DNA damage and more…

Joyce Hollman

How leaky gut leads to weight gain

Digestive troubles are so common, we pay them little mind. But the condition that allows bacterial toxins to leak into the bloodstream causes bigger problems: A cycle of weight gain and the inability to lose weight, by changing how the body metabolizes fat.

Joyce Hollman

Metabolism slowing with age? Reverse it

It seems unfair that when we hit a certain age, our metabolism slows down, the weight starts to hang on and the risks of dangerous health conditions ramp up. But thanks to a better understanding of the type of fats we carry, your age-related metabolism change could be reversed…

Joyce Hollman

How ultra-processed foods destroy your hunger hormones

Astrocytes are star-shaped cells in the brain that express receptors for hormones, including ghrelin, which signals hunger, and its counterpart, leptin, which signals fullness. But just 10 days of the wrong foods dismantles that whole system…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The gene that makes eating just one potato chip impossible

We all know that one person who eats just one bite of cake at a birthday party and can open an entire bag of potato chips and really eat just one — while the rest of us struggle to put down the bag. What’s the difference between us and them?