Weight Training

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The better way to lower stroke and heart attack by 70%

When it comes to exercise, aerobic exercise, the kind that gets your heart rate up and blood pumping, has been considered the holy grail. After all, it does have some amazing benefits. But if you want to lower cholesterol, stroke and heart attack risk in less time, try this…

Easy Health Options Staff

Resistance training helps the brain resist symptoms of MS

Resistance training has remarkable benefits for people with MS. Not only does this type of exercise improve MS symptoms, but it offers a form of brain protection that can slow the progression of the disease. Even better, anyone wanting to stop brain shrinkage can benefit…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

To live better longer: less weight or more muscle?

On a recent trip to the gym, I noticed most of the men were using weights while the women were focusing on aerobic activities and machines, like ellipticals. And I started wondering… In the long run, which matters most in terms of a longer, healthier life?

Jenny Smiechowski

Why being “skinny fat” may be worse than being obese

Are you skinny fat? It’s not hard to tell if you are… Being skinny fat means you have too much fat and too little muscle mass. Either one of these conditions on their own has a negative impact on your health. But together? They’re a recipe for disaster…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The exercise that could cut your cancer risk by a third

Whether you choose to exercise at the gym, at home or even in your local park, research shows one thing is for certain: All exercise is not created equal if you want to increase your life span and reduce your risk of cancer…

Debra Atkinson

Get the body you want and bones you need

Did know aerobic activity could make you fat? If a large percent of the weight you lose is lean muscle, your metabolism will slow. The rate that you burn calories at rest will decrease. And this sets you up for weight gain in the future.