Jenny Smiechowski

Forget gluten: There’s another reason to skip wheat

A lot of people avoid wheat because it contains gluten, a protein that can be difficult for the body to digest. But it turns out gluten isn’t the only problem with wheat that can make you miserable and take a toll on your health…

Carl Lowe

Bread Could Give You A Heart Attack

For millions of susceptible people, bread can be a deadly food, doubling their chances of a heart attack. Are you among this unlucky group?

Margaret Cantwell

Grains are stomach enemy no. 1

If your digestion is questionable, you bloat after eating and your skin gives you problems, inflammation from eating wheat (or other grains) may be at the root of your difficulties. That’s why a growing number of people have healed and saved their well-being with the paleo diet. Learn how exiling wheat from your meals can make health problems exit.

Margaret Cantwell

The Diet That Saves Gorillas And Humans

For me, the best part of the paleo diet is that I can eat all I want, lose weight and enjoy better health. But don’t take my word for it. Ask the pair of gorillas at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

Carl Lowe

A slice of bread can fracture your bones

If your digestive system reacts to bread and other foods made from wheat, rye or barley (which contain gluten), your bones may be in danger. So the sooner you give up gluten the better.