12 healthy holiday baking substitutions

Baking with egg whites

Recipe substitutions: Fats

Use egg whites or chia seeds, instead of whole eggs.

For years, eggs were vilified over cholesterol concerns. But research has come out touting that eggs lower cholesterol, heart disease, and stroke risk.

But if you’re not a whole egg eater, no worries. Instead of a whole egg, use two egg whites. You’ll keep the protein but lose the fat.

Or, substitute 1 tablespoon of chia seeds soaked in a cup of water for 15 minutes. Chia seeds are tiny black seeds from the plant Salvia hispanica, which is related to mint. Calcium, magnesium, and manganese are three of the important minerals you’ll get by using these seeds instead of eggs.

Nutritious flaxseeds also work well as an egg substitute. To replace one egg, just mix a tablespoon of flaxseeds with 2 ½ tablespoons of warm water. Flaxseeds are super-high in omega-3 fatty acids and are a rich source of lignans, plant compounds thought to reduce cancer risk.

Flaxseeds and chia seeds are great alternatives for vegans!

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Joyce Hollman

By Joyce Hollman

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