4 simple ways to feel better if you have painful osteoarthritis

At first glance, osteoarthritis doesn’t seem like a very serious disease…

It doesn’t put your vital organs in jeopardy. It can’t kill you. It’s incredibly common.

But the toll this disease takes on the people who have it is very serious. This type of “wear and tear” arthritis can become unbearably painful. And this pain can prevent you from walking, writing, sleeping, exercising, working and generally living a normal and enjoyable life.

So, what can you do to find some relief?

Well, there’s a supplement that could help curb pain for osteoarthritis sufferers everywhere. If you aren’t already taking it, you should give it a try, because an extensive new study shows it offers effective osteoarthritis pain relief.

Even better, the study tells you just how much to take if you want to start feeling like yourself again…

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Take this much fish oil for less arthritis pain

It’s no secret that fish oil can help with pain and inflammation. But a new study shows how much fish oil you need to take to alleviate the pain and inflammation that comes with osteoarthritis.

This study, which was conducted by researchers at the University of Surrey, looked at 68 previous studies on the connection between diet and osteoarthritis.

Based on these 68 studies, they confirmed that taking fish oil is one simple way to feel better if you have osteoarthritis. The omega-3s in fish oil reduced inflammation and decreased the amount of pain people with osteoarthritis felt.

How much do you need to take to feel the benefit?

Researchers say one gram of fish oil per day can do the trick. That’s about one and a half capsules for most supplements, but take a look at the dosage information on the bottle to be sure.

What else can you do to relieve osteoarthritis pain?

Luckily for osteoarthritis sufferers, this study confirmed a few other ways to relieve pain and live a freer life. If you combine these tips with your daily fish oil supplement, your joints could be pain and inflammation-free…or close to it.

According to this study, you should also:

  • Try a calorie-restricted diet. This approach was only effective for people with osteoarthritis who were also overweight. So, if you’re lean and you have arthritis, it might not help you. But if you’re holding on to a few extra pounds, give it a shot. Here’s a rundown on calorie-restricted diets.
  • Do strengthening, flexibility and aerobic exercises. I know it’s hard to exercise when your joints are screaming at you. But if you find exercises you can tolerate, it’s a great way to reduce inflammation and improve your joint health in the long-term.
  • Eat foods rich in vitamin K, like kale, spinach and parsley. These studies showed that getting enough vitamin K can make people with osteoarthritis feel better. That’s probably because vitamin K is an important part of proteins that make up the bones and cartilage. Without enough, your body struggles to grow and repair bone.


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Jenny Smiechowski

By Jenny Smiechowski

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