6 amazing benefits of CoQ10 [infographic]

6 amazing benefits of CoQ10 [infographic]You probably know that CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) offers powerful protection for your heart and vascular system. But researchers are increasingly focusing on its other protective benefits ― for the brain, the nervous system, the eyes, the immune system and much more.

As you age, your body slowly but surely loses the battle to keep its organs from suffering oxidative damage. But in two key areas, your genetic material and your mitochondria (cellular energy producers), researchers have found that CoQ10 can help the body fight back against the vicissitudes of getting older.

According to researcher Svend Aage Mortensen: “Supplementation with CoQ10, which is a natural and safe substance, corrects a deficiency in the body and blocks the vicious metabolic cycle in chronic heart failure called the energy-starved heart.”

The one thing you should know is that ubiquinone, while a more abundant form in the body, isn’t the most “bioavailable” form of CoQ10. The more powerful form is called ubiquinol. You only need 50 mg of ubiquinol to equal 400 mg of ubiquinone.

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