Nutritional Supplements

Joyce Hollman

DHA: The omega-3 that’s like poison to tumors

If you’re supplementing your omega-3s, it’s probably because you know they’re tied to heart health, a longer life and a super brain. Need I say more? Well, what if I told you that one in particular killed cancer cells and slowed development of tumors?

Joyce Hollman

Deep sleep holds clues to cause of tinnitus

A person with tinnitus constantly hears phantom sounds like ringing and humming. While not life-threatening, tinnitus makes life difficult, and often leads to anxiety and depression. Scientists have begun to connect what happens in the brain during sleep with this condition…

Dr. Mark Wiley

Chlorella: Mother Nature’s superfood miracle

Chlorella is a true superfood, packed with amino acids, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that support the health of the body. If you are seriously ill, suffering a modern-lifestyle disease or an athlete looking to perform and feel better, chlorella may offer just the boost you need.

Dr. Mark Wiley

Acai: Miracle of wellness

Acai is reported to be a miracle fruit that can work wonders for arthritis, cholesterol, obesity, heart health, digestion, energy, erectile dysfunction, inflammation, detoxification, diabetes, allergies, bloating, muscle cramps and oxidative stress. But how can one fruit do all that?

Joyce Hollman

The forgotten B vitamin that manages cholesterol

With natural alternatives that have been proven as effective or even more effective, why subject yourself to the risks of statins? In fact, there’s a forgotten vitamin that can safely lower “bad” LDL cholesterol without stealing your CoQ10…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

6 sneaky signs of a vitamin deficiency

Even in first world countries, like the U.S., vitamin deficiencies may be more common than you would ever guess. How do you know if you’re getting enough of the nutrients considered essential? Besides having your blood tested, pay attention to these six often sneaky signs of a deficiency…