Nutritional Supplements

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The surprising deficiency increasing new cases of heart disease

If you eat right and take a multi-vitamin, the thought of suffering a nutrient deficiency is the furthest thing from your mind. Besides, your doctor would let you know about it when he does your yearly blood work, right? But a silent deficiency is driving new cases of heart disease, partly because doctors could be unknowingly assessing a less accurate measure.

Margaret Cantwell

Why I’m glad I started supplementing my amino acids

I’d been hearing about amino acids for a while, mainly in the context of athletic performance. I’m not a triathlete or marathon runner, so I didn’t think they held any value for me. Boy was I wrong. Amino acids are the catalyst for nearly every physiological function that occurs in the body. Think energy, hormones, metabolism, sleep, cognition and more…. see what I mean?

Joyce Hollman

10 reasons to eat potatoes

Potatoes have a reputation as a food that’s generally not so healthy. In all honesty, this is based on some of the ways we prefer to eat them. From french fries and mashed potatoes to chips, we’re responsible for sucking the nutrition right out of what could be considered a super supplement growing right under our feet…

Joyce Hollman

4 head-to-toe benefits of lutein beyond your eyes

Lutein is a natural antioxidant found in green leafy vegetables and other healthy foods. It’s best known for promoting healthy eyesight and even reducing the risk of AMD. But you may be very surprised to know it can do a lot more, even affecting the aging process. Here are three important research-backed reasons you want to be sure you’re not missing out on this nutrient…

Joyce Hollman

10 natural pain relievers and what the science says

No one wants to live with chronic pain. In fact, if given a choice, no one wants to live with pain even for a short time. But standard methods of pain relief can be risky, including acetaminophen, ibuprofen and opioids. Here are 10 alternatives that all fight the root cause of most pain…

Joyce Hollman

DHA: The omega-3 that’s like poison to tumors

If you’re supplementing your omega-3s, it’s probably because you know they’re tied to heart health, a longer life and a super brain. Need I say more? Well, what if I told you that one in particular killed cancer cells and slowed development of tumors?