6 Foods that K-O colon cancer [infographic]

6-foods-K-O-colon-cancer-PINWhile doctors will tell you the best way to avoid colorectal cancer is screening for early diagnosis and prevention — and that is very, very important — tests don’t always catch developing cancer cells.

To keep ahead of cancer, you must do more, such as cancer prevention through nutrition. I’m not suggesting you give up your favorite foods for nothing but fiber — though fiber is essential to a healthy diet, healthy colon and reduced cancer risk.

These six delicious foods can help you reduce your risk of colon cancer.

The cancer-fighting nut that heals your gut

This nut has an extremely positive effect on your gut microbiome: it reduces your risk of colon cancer. So if you’re ready to make a small change that will have a big impact on your health, eat more…

Your antipasto has anticancer potential

Olives are a staple of the Mediterranean diet and an ingredient in a traditional favorite: antipasto salad. While the health benefits of olive oil are often touted, we seldom hear much about the small, tasty fruit of the tree itself. Until now…

The amazing tumor-shrinking vitamin that saves lives

Colon cancer can be especially difficult to eradicate. But help for patients fighting this battle may come from a simple vitamin.

Use this powerful plant to root out cancer at the source

The newest technology to fight cancer isn’t being directed at cancer cells. At least, not in the way we usually think… mother nature knows just how to kill these so-called “mother” cells traditional cancer drugs can’t.

The super spice that beats cancer

The cells that line your intestines continually encounter toxins that make them more liable to cancer. But you can help them fight back by eating a super spice that spurs their cancer resistance.

The unripe fruit that undoes cancer

Eating a lot of meat without consuming fruits and vegetables makes you more vulnerable to colorectal cancer. But you can lower your risk if you eat a specific fruit (available at the supermarket) before it completely ripens.

Easy Health Options Staff

By Easy Health Options Staff

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