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Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Using microbes to shrink your waist and cardio risks

Live microbes, and not just probiotics, from food have finally gotten the credit they deserve: the first real-world evidence that consuming more of them could be the easiest way to not only shrink your waist and BMI, but take down a whole host of health complications with them…

Jenny Smiechowski

Drink away high blood pressure and bad cholesterol

If you follow a few simple rules, you can drink tomato juice until your heart’s content (and your heart will be very content — and healthy — with lower BP and cholesterol!). That’s what people in this study did, and look how it worked out for them? Ready to give it a go?

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

5 supplements that support normal blood pressure levels

The side effects that come with treating high blood pressure include thirst, dehydration, increased urination, dizziness, weakness and fatigue. That’s incentive to keep it at bay with a few healthy changes and 5 supportive supplements to keep your numbers where you want them.

Carolyn Gretton

The strong connection between naps, hypertension and heart trouble

Evidence is stacking up that napping is connected to heart trouble. If you’re around the age of 60, you’re most affected and need to take a serious look at your blood pressure, how long you sleep at night and how frequent those naps have become…

Joyce Hollman

How to slash the dangers of sitting surprisingly fast

As someone who sits at her desk all day long, I’m a prime candidate for diabetes, heart disease and dementia. Obviously, my work day leaves only minutes to spare. But to lower blood pressure and blood sugar, that’s literally all I need…

Joyce Hollman

2 factors that protect women from stiff arteries at any age

Stiff arteries, a harbinger of heart disease, can happen for a few reasons. But mostly, it’s another age thing we just have to deal with. But research has found that for women at least, 2 modifiable factors can protect against it — at any age…


Joyce Hollman

5 health-based benefits of kindness

Being kind to others feels good. But the benefits extend even further than that. Science shows acts of kindness have real effects that impact physical health, from depression to heart health. Check out these 5 you can get more of…

Carolyn Gretton

10-minute test helps detect ‘curable’ hypertension

Is your doctor overlooking the most curable cause of high blood pressure? Nodules affect one-in-twenty people with the condition. Researchers found that a urine test and new scan help detect patients who come off all their medicines after treatment.

Margaret Cantwell

I gave up ONE food and my high BP vanished

I still remember the last visit with the doctor I saw for my blood pressure problems. She took my blood pressure and then matter-of-factly told me: “I guess your high blood pressure is gone.” And I was taking exactly zero medication. She didn’t know why, but I did. I had given up…

Carolyn Gretton

When coffee and hypertension are a dangerous mix

Loads of research says coffee is protective against heart failure, heart attack and stroke. But depending on your blood pressure range, it could be a dangerous mix and do just the opposite. That’s why it’s important to know how much is too much…

Joyce Hollman

15 minutes of yoga and your ‘stroke’ number could drop 10 points

Exercise and health go together like PB and J. Typically, people choose one kind of exercise that works for them. I’m not knocking that because getting any exercise is a good thing. But adding in a little yoga can balloon benefits for blood pressure…

Carolyn Gretton

Lower your blood pressure in 20 minutes without sweating

Sure, exercise will lower your blood pressure. But it’s not the only way. Have you ever wondered what people mean when they talk about mindfulness? It’s much more than mumbo jumbo. Not only does it take BP numbers down, it kickstarts a signaling molecule your body uses to do just that…