‘Magic’ bean shown to reverse aging

For centuries, man has been searching for a fountain of youth to provide relief from the many ill-effects of the natural aging process. Sadly, we’re no closer to finding it — but new research reveals that there may be a less whimsical alternative gathering dust in your pantry right now — in a can of lima beans.

A report just released in the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) Journal reveals that prunetin, a plant-derived isoflavine found in in high concentrations in lima beans and prunes, holds promise as a natural way to extend your lifespan and increase your fitness level.

Researchers made the discovery during a study involving fruit flies. After separating the creatures by sex, the scientists fed some of them a prunetin-containing diet and others a prunetin-free control diet.

They discovered that the male fruit flies fed prunetin not only lived longer but also showed signs of actual age reversal. Not only were they more physically fit — but they had healthier blood sugar too.

“Our study provides novel insights into plant bioactive research and suggests a potential to combat aging comparatively simple by the intake of a plant bioactive,” said Anika E. Wagner, Ph.D., a researcher involved in the work.

Earlier studies involving prunetin have shown the compound to powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which likely has something to do with its anti-aging effects.

“This research shows that the connection between diet and health is important for all living animals, no matter how complex or how simple they are,” said Thoru Pederson, FASEB editor.

Prunetin occurs naturally in a number of fruits and vegetables, but the best sources are prunes and lima beans, as I mentioned earlier. There’s still much work to be done to understand just how beneficial prunetin is for us but adding these fiber-rich options to your weekly meal plan certainly can’t hurt. Fiber in itself holds a wealth of good for your body.


Sam Rolley

By Sam Rolley

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