Margaret Cantwell

Cordyceps: Superfood or Brain-hijacking fungus

Mushrooms are powerful botanicals. Some are more popular or well-known than others, but at the moment, almost everyone is hearing about one fungus in particular: Cordyceps. Here’s what you should know about cordyceps’ history with (hopefully not the last of) us…

Carl Lowe

The appetite suppressant the diet industry hopes you won’t discover

In the supermarket aisle that holds diet foods, you’ll find bars, shakes and an array of other processed foods that are supposed to help you lose weight. But there’s a superfood great for aiding your healthy weight efforts you’ll never find in that part of the store…

Carolyn Gretton

The beverage that helps prevent calcified arteries

We’ve known for some time that coffee and green tea are exeptional health-promoting beverages. But you may be less aware of the significant heart protection another common drink offers. Researchers have discovered a daily cup can protect against this indicator of heart attack and stroke…

Dr. Mark Wiley

Chlorella: Mother Nature’s superfood miracle

Chlorella is a true superfood, packed with amino acids, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that support the health of the body. If you are seriously ill, suffering a modern-lifestyle disease or an athlete looking to perform and feel better, chlorella may offer just the boost you need.

Dr. Mark Wiley

Acai: Miracle of wellness

Acai is reported to be a miracle fruit that can work wonders for arthritis, cholesterol, obesity, heart health, digestion, energy, erectile dysfunction, inflammation, detoxification, diabetes, allergies, bloating, muscle cramps and oxidative stress. But how can one fruit do all that?

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Eating nuts strengthens your brain waves

You already know nuts are brain food. But a new study has measured their powerful effect in the form of brain waves. They tested six different kinds of nuts, and all of them produced brainwave frequencies that can improve cognition, healing, learning, memory and more…