Jenny Smiechowski

Cottage cheese: 3 big benefits of this old-school superfood

I love cottage cheese, even though it’s fallen out of fashion. I eat it often, and you should too, because the benefits of this retro superfood still hold strong several decades later. Here’s what eating a hefty bowl of cottage cheese every day can do for you…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

A novel way to make your cake a superfood

Cake might not be the healthiest choice for those of us looking to slim our waistlines or battle back diabetes and blood pressure problems. But what if there was a way to bake a cake with superfood benefits?

Easy Health Options Staff

8 little-known berries for fierce free radical protection

As we age, we build up free radicals, dangerous little molecules that have been linked to everything from cancer and Alzheimer’s, to premature aging. So, as the amount of free radicals we’re exposed to goes up, so does our need for antioxidants to combat them. Here’s where to find them…

Joyce Hollman

A clove a day to keep heart attack away

There are several types of drugs that treat hypertension, relax blood vessels, prevent clotting and generally try to head off heart attack or stroke. But there’s one food that’s been healing since Biblical times, and modern-day studies confirm its amazing effects on the heart…

Carolyn Gretton

The nut that slays pesky pounds, diabetes and high cholesterol

Losing weight, like so many things, gets harder with age, while packing the pounds on seems to get only easier. Lucky for us, one of our favorite nuts may be the answer. New research says it’s powerful enough to be designated a superfood…

Jedha Dening

What this tiny seed does to your big appetite

Blood sugar spikes chip away at your body’s sensitivity to insulin. Make a habit of them and they’ll lead straight to insulin resistance, putting type 2 diabetes just a hop and a skip away. But there’s a tiny food that can help… and curb your appetite, without the side effects of a costly drug.