Science “discovers” the best cancer fighting foods and plants

“Plant and food chemicals may help treat cancers” say the headlines.

They’re reporting on a new study where 180 scientists successfully used food and plant compounds to fight cancer.

Maybe these folks have been hiding under a rock?

For 30 years now, alternative doctors and integrative medicine specialists have been showing us how foods can prevent cancer, and which natural herbs and plants fight cancer.

But drug companies can’t make any money from you if you don’t equate synthetic chemical drugs and “medicine” with health.

So now that they’re coming around to what alternative practitioners have been saying for years, well, Big Pharma has to make sure you think the natural compounds in foods are the same as their man-made synthetic “chemicals.” And they want to try and tell you that higher doses of these compounds can be toxic.

Don’t you believe it.

The study used resveratrol, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), curcumin, lycopene, Vitamins D and B, selenium, carotenoids, and luteolin, aged garlic, and black raspberry extract.

These compounds are technically chemicals. But modern industry has made it so that we think of toxic and man-made products as “chemicals,” and the compounds tested are FAR from that. They are naturally occurring components of plants, herbs and food, and were proven the study to have no toxicity except in extreme amounts, and no side effects.

Best of all, the natural compounds tested have a long list of cancer-fighting attributes. They can:

  • stop DNA mutations
  • break up signals between cancer cells
  • kill cancer cells that evade the body’s anti-growth defenses
  • reverse the immortality of cancer cells
  • disrupt cancer’s metabolism
  • stop the inflammation that can promote tumor growth
  • stop cancer from invading other tissue
  • open cancer cells to being killed off by the immune system

Also, the scientists were looking for compounds that could not only kill cancer cells, but boost the body’s immunity so that there is no cancer recurrence. Most of the natural compounds passed this test with flying colors.

And 62 percent of the 74 natural compounds tested had a complimentary cancer-fighting effect along with conventional treatments.

The bottom line is not to fall for what Big Pharma is trying to feed you. For example, the difference between “prescription” vitamin D and the inexpensive kind you can get at a health food store is the prescription form is probably synthetic D2. Meanwhile, you’re much better off taking the natural D3 form.

Easy Health Options Staff

By Easy Health Options Staff

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