The Sexy 7: Tips that keep a body young [slideshow]

No one welcomes those uninvited signs of aging: Wrinkles, gray hair, less personal energy, trouble sleeping…

As they say, getting old isn’t for wimps. But you can fight off the “normal” consequences of getting older when you take control of your lifestyle and put the brakes on aging. The result: you feel on top of your game and you don’t let the vagaries of age slow you down.

Just about everybody wants to stay young. That’s why each year more than 12 million Americans spend about $10 billion on plastic surgery. Now, there’s nothing wrong with improving the way you look, but to really feel and live younger you have to make more than cosmetic changes.

Here are seven healthy aging tips to keep you fit and sexy at any stage of life:


Easy Health Options Staff

By Easy Health Options Staff

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