Ancient allium sweeps plaque from your arteries

Supplement shown to stop plaque buildup

Do you have friends who are those “sciencey” types?

You know who I mean.

When you post something online about natural medicine, they come back at you quick as lightening with, “where’s the science to back that up?”

Well, I’ve got something important you are going to love sharing with them…

Science has now shown that garlic — aged garlic to be specific — can reverse the buildup of deadly plaque in your arteries.

The medicinal benefits of allium plants, especially garlic, have long been valued in folk remedies, and rightly so. Atherosclerosis is one of the biggest contributors to heart disease, and it now appears it can be halted with 2,400 milligrams of aged garlic extract.

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How well does garlic work against plaque?

Researchers chose 55 patients who had been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, and using Cardiac Computed Tomography Angiography (CCTA), they measured their total coronary plaque volume as well as dense calcium, non-calcified plaque and low-attenuation plaque.

After that initial evaluation, the patients were given either a placebo or a 2,400mg dose of aged garlic extract every day for one year. At the end of the year, follow up screening revealed that those who had taken the aged garlic extract had slowed total plaque accumulation by 80 percent! 1

“This study is another demonstration of the benefits of this supplement in reducing the accumulation of soft plaque and preventing the formation of new plaque in the arteries, which can cause heart disease,” said Matthew J. Budoff, MD, an LA BioMed lead researcher. “We have completed four randomized studies, and they have led us to conclude that Aged Garlic Extract can help slow the progression of atherosclerosis and reverse the early stages of heart disease.”

To get these benefits yourself, take 2,400 mgs of aged garlic extract, which equates to about 2 teaspoons. The taste may be a little strong but it’s well worth it to avoid the dangerous alternative conventional medicine would offer: coronary artery stents.

Better than the “sick care” solution

All over the country doctors and hospitals are performing thousands of unnecessary cardiac catheterizations and stent surgeries — even fabricating medical reports to make the procedures seem necessary. A U.S. News analysis found doctors are putting patients at risk to rake in Medicare payments.

Why does this happen? Cardiac care is a lucrative business. These surgeries cost thousands of dollars. And with government payouts from Medicare as much as $10,000 per procedure, the sky’s the limit on how much can be pocketed.

The effectiveness of natural cures and remedies like aged garlic are then suppressed for one reason: they’re so affordable it could negatively impact the medical establishment.

Fortunately, you’re someone who seeks out natural therapies, and you’ve stumbled upon this great news about aged garlic extract. But there’s more … much more.

Long before this study, another completely natural and safe remedy for plaque buildup was hushed-up. Scientists call it “ethylenediaminetetracetic acid.”

Sounds complicated, but it’s a simple amino acid more widely known as EDTA.

First synthesized in Germany in 1935, EDTA is a simple amino acid, very similar in composition to common household vinegar. But in medical studies, EDTA has been shown to be three times safer.

EDTA is so safe the American Heart Association recommends direct intravenous injections as treatment for people who have been exposed to toxic levels of lead, mercury, aluminum, and cadmium.

That’s because EDTA is a chelator. It removes contaminants from your body. That’s why is was first used in the United States by the Navy—to treat workers who were exposed to dangerous levels of lead when painting ships and submarines.

When it was reported to be 82 percent effective at chelating rogue calcium from plaque buildup and reversing this symptom of heart disease, it was made available in pill form.

Mainstream “sick care” doctors came out of the woodwork condemning it as a quack alternative treatment because it threatens their monopoly on treating heart patients.

Dr. Michael Cutler wrote about the history of EDTA and how to use it, because he felt, at the very least, Americans should have the right to choose their preferred course of treatment.

So you should do things like add aged garlic extract to your heart health regimen. You should also take a minute to discover the benefits of EDTA and how you can use it as well.


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