Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Almonds: The little snack that fixes big gut problems

Forget the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ drama. There are tons of good reasons to eat almonds regularly. Maybe you want to improve your waistline, or like almost 4 million Americans, you want to ‘go’ regularly and enjoy the benefits of a healthy gut this tiny nut provides.

Joyce Hollman

The nutty reason a calorie isn’t always a calorie

In spite of all their health benefits, nuts like almonds still get “bad press.” You’ll often hear that snacking on them leads to weight gain, because of the calories that come from their fat content. What if we told you that when you eat that handful of almonds, you’re really not absorbing all those calories?

Jenny Smiechowski

The snack habit that lowers cholesterol and heart disease risk

When you’re craving a snack, you have two choices. You can reach for something salty, crunchy and processed (like potato chips) that won’t do your heart health any favors. Or you can reach for something that’s just as satisfying that significantly improves your cholesterol, blood vessel health and cardiovascular disease risk…