Joyce Hollman

Milk may do your cholesterol and heart good

Milk has been given a bad rap for a long time. I’m referring to good old-fashioned cow’s milk, blamed for weight gain and heart disease. But a huge study’s found a connection between drinking milk, better cholesterol and keeping your heart strong.

William Davis

3 reasons vitamin K2 helps you live your best life

Since its discovery, scientists have uncovered five different compounds that make up the vitamin K family. And one of the most compelling is vitamin K2. Discover three reasons this one nutrient can help you live your best life.

Joyce Hollman

10 factors that increase bone fracture risk

Research has identified 10 factors that, if they apply to you, add up to a 30 percent higher chance you’ll suffer a fracture in the next two decades. Some of them are beyond your control. But there are a few you can address now to prevent broken bones later on.

Carolyn Gretton

New early warning could save your heart years before signs of trouble

Given how deadly a heart attack or stroke can be, it helps to get as much advance warning as possible. But too often that’s not the case by the time the heart signals a problem. But there’s another part of the body where researchers have discovered a tell-tale sign that may save lives years in advance.

Carolyn Gretton

Scientists look to rein in ‘calcium wave’ to reduce stroke damage

The damage caused by stroke can range from mild to life-threatening, depending on the severity and how quickly health care professionals intervene to stop it. Researchers are working overtime to find ways to combat stroke damage… One new way focuses on calcium’s confusing relationship with ischemic stroke.

Virginia Tims-Lawson

Why ‘normal’ blood pressure readings set you up for a false sense of security

Healthy blood pressure equals a healthy heart. Or so we’ve been told. But, according to recent research findings, relying on normal blood pressure as a sign that a heart attack or stroke is not in your future has painted a pretty picture that’s been revealed to be nothing but a facade — a false sense of security that could put you in deadly danger.