Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

How concerned should you be about arsenic levels in your rice?

If you eat rice regularly, it’s time to understand the very real arsenic risk that experts believe contributes to a whopping 50,000 premature deaths yearly — many due to its impact on the heart. Does this mean you have to give it up completely? Not as long you’re careful and follow these tips…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Clearing out heavy metals that weigh your health down

Adopting clean-living strategies are commonplace for those of us who realize the health dangers posed by toxins. But while we’ve been focused mostly on toxins and poisons, there’s another threat that deserves your attention, capable of contributing to autoimmune diseases and the underlying inflammation that accelerates the process of chronic illness.

Margaret Cantwell

The kidney disease research that could save hearts

For far too long, saving our hearts has focused on one thing: cholesterol. But heart research into another growing health problem may intersect this blind spot of cardiovascular research to provide an answer for two very serious health conditions that both lead to vascular calcification… and hearts that give out.

Jenny Smiechowski

The surprising connection between chelation, kidney disease and heart disease

It may surprise you to learn that heart disease is the leading cause of death for people with kidney disease. See, when your kidneys stop working, calcium builds up in your arteries. But a new study shows EDTA chelation could help clear calcium out and prevent many of these deaths…

Dr. Michael Cutler

Chelation: Getting the lead out

Remember that there is no safe blood level of lead. It’s been tied to illnesses ranging from mystery military ailments to heart disease. Fortunately, it’s treatable. Chelation is a method of binding up metal molecules so it can be eliminated via the urine. There are also antioxidants that help get your health back…

Virginia Tims-Lawson

The plant compound that blasts fat and type 2 diabetes

Did you know that not all types of fat are created equal? And, I’m not talking about the types of fat you eat, but the types of fat you have on your body. Yup, there is such a thing as good fat that you actually want to have more of, especially if you’d like to win the battle with obesity and diabetes…