Joyce Hollman

12 surprising ways air conditioning affects us

Whether you have one in your home or not, when it’s hot, most of us certainly wish for one. But air conditioning can be a mixed blessing. In climates that are consistently hot, it can be a lifesaver. But it does have its tradeoffs. Living in a consistently air-conditioned environment can do both good and not-so-good things to your body.

Margaret Cantwell

Why GERD, acid reflux and indigestion increase in summer

To maintain good health, your body must constantly manage the delicate balance that keeps pH levels where they should be. The trouble is that some of our vital functions throw that balance off. And summertime is when they can get really out of whack…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Why summer heat is hard on your heart and how to keep cool

If you have heart problems, it’s important to understand how heat can compound your risks. When your body tries to cool down, the process stresses the heart in several ways, But you can still enjoy summer, keep your cool and stay safe with these tips…

Joyce Hollman

Why alcohol and summer heat is a recipe for heat stroke

While warmer weather makes us want those refreshing-looking cocktails, especially the ones with those adorable little umbrellas, there are some definite hazards to drinking alcohol during the hot summer months. The combination of heat and alcohol in your system has some very dangerous effects on your body.

Carolyn Gretton

5 health conditions made worse by summer heat

Summer is here, and the mercury is rising in parts of the country. Being outside in hot weather doesn’t just put you at risk of heatstroke and sunburn. If you have any of these 5 conditions, it could exacerbate your symptoms…

Joyce Hollman

Best treatments for dry winter skin

Winter can be brutal on your skin. The dryness, itching and flaking are miserable, and can cause breaks in the layer of protection meant to keep your skin healthy. How about a crash course in choosing the right moisturizers (and a bonus ingredient with extra benefits) that can help?