Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The drink that drives down your fat-triggering hormone

Many of us have just made another resolution to lose the extra weight around our hips, thighs and belly. And more likely than not, we’ll give it up again in defeat. Not to sound glib, but if you want to really lose the weight, just drink more water — but not for reason you think. […]

Joyce Hollman

8 tasty ways to stay hydrated as it warms up

Even those of us who normally hide from the heat and sun have felt the need to get outside to avoid “cabin fever.” Just don’t forget that the danger of dehydration can sneak up on you. Here are eight foods that have more than their share of water and can help you stay healthfully hydrated…

Joyce Hollman

Why alcohol and summer heat are a recipe for heat stroke

While warmer weather makes us want those refreshing-looking cocktails, especially the ones with those adorable little umbrellas, there are some definite hazards to drinking alcohol during the hot summer months. The combination of heat and alcohol in your system has some very dangerous effects on your body.

Jenny Smiechowski

Don’t ignore these 4 food cravings

Do you ever find yourself overcome by food cravings so strong your willpower goes out the window? But if you find yourself craving certain foods over and over again, it’s actually more than just inconvenient. It’s a sign of what’s really going on with your health…

Jenny Smiechowski

The simple solution that slashes frequent bladder infections almost by half

Bladder infections travel in packs. Once you get one, there’s a good chance another one’s not far behind. In fact, over a quarter of women get a second bladder infection within six months. But there is something you can do to slash your risk of a second infection almost in half…

Joyce Hollman

Dehydration may be the reason for your aches, foggy brain and premature aging

Dehydration is a real threat that many people don’t take seriously. They think it only happens to someone trekking through the desert, or to marathon runners or other athletes. But it could be the reason for your aches and pains, foggy brain and faster aging…