Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The furry green fruit that chases away the blues

A blue mood isn’t quite depression. Sometimes we may feel blue for short-term reasons, ones that you may not need a risky medication for. That’s where this once-a-day snack comes in. Discover the impact a little green can make on your mental health and why…

Joyce Hollman

The missing amino acid linked to depression

New research indicates that a deficiency in an amino acid could be part of what causes depression. But previous research has validated its importance in metabolism, heart health, immune function and even longevity. Are you getting enough?

Joyce Hollman

‘Loneliness’ prescriptions are putting older adults in jeopardy

Whether it’s empty nest syndrome or other life changes, it’s not uncommon for people to assume loneliness goes hand-in-hand with getting older. But that’s a misconception that’s leading to a problem: seeing bouts of loneliness as an excuse for doctors to prescribe drugs that are putting seniors in danger.

Margaret Cantwell

Does setting the clock back make you blue?

Setting the clocks back means fewer hours of sunlight for the coming months. That’s not a big deal for everyone. But if your mood plummets as the days grow shorter and darker, you might need help lifting the winter blues…

Carolyn Gretton

Stressed or depressed? Your Alzheimer’s risk may be 4 times higher

Stress can do a number on our bodies — including our brains. It can even affect our ability to form memories. But does that mean stress can cause dementia? Researchers set out to answer that question, and it’s concerning…

Carolyn Gretton

7 things happy people do that reduce depression by 57%

The factors influencing depression are very complex. But researchers keep digging into why some experience it more than others and they’ve discovered seven things that, if you follow, could take depression down, even if genetics is a factor…