Carolyn Gretton

The mood switch in our brains activated by daylight

There’s no denying the seasons influence our state of mind. It’s easier to be in a good mood when the days are long and warm, but much harder during the short, dark days of winter, when some of us suffer from seasonal affective disorder. What is it about the light that affects our brain and moods so strongly?

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

For women only: Fiber could be the key to happiness

There’s no doubt fiber’s part of a healthy diet. Yet, we mostly think about what it does for the gut, like promoting regularity or stopping the bloat. There’s one more way adding the power of fiber to your life could improve your health (and even your happiness)…

Dr. Mariza Snyder

The connection between declining hormones and depression

You may be asking yourself, “How did I get here? Why do I feel so bad?” If you’re between the ages of 35-50 then your hormones are most likely to blame. Your reproductive hormones are fluctuating, and ultimately beginning to or finishing their decline to menopause. It can be a difficult time. But it doesn’t have to be.

Joyce Hollman

Mood got you down? Get your fiber up

Dietary fiber binds with cholesterol, lowers blood sugar and speeds the removal of toxic waste from your body. It can also help you say goodbye to that funky blue mood.

Tracey G. Ingram, AuD

The easiest way to keep your emotions in check, decrease depression and get happy

Coming out of a year where every day was a challenge, it’s difficult to imagine how 2021 could be any different. But for our health’s sake, it’s crucial to find a way to keep our emotions in check, decrease depression and get happier. 40 years of research says helping others could do the trick… A […]

Tracey G. Ingram, AuD

Reduce depression and anxiety with exercise

2020 has been a very unpredictable year, and levels of anxiety and depression have skyrocketed. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all. Even the thought of how to shake it seems like an insurmountable task. But what if all it took was just one thing… one step… one new habit to ditch what’s bringing your down and feel like your old self again? Not to mention the added benefits…