William Davis

Dimethylglycine: The key to stamina, performance and endurance

In the 1970s, scientists were able to isolate an amino acid known as DMG from its source. Eventually, it became one of many nutrients used by athletes to help give them a performance edge. But why should athletes get all the benefits? Find out what DMG can do for you…

Tracey G. Ingram, AuD

6+ benefits of whole-body vibration

Whole-body vibration is a form of passive exercise for improving neuromuscular performance. But from your bones to your hormones, there’s even more this long-used therapy can do fo you…

Craig Cooper

Should you try red light therapy to boost testosterone?

Using red light therapy to boost testosterone levels is one of many “biohacks” circulating around the internet at the moment promising to restore your energy and sexual health to your former years. Does that mean you should try it?

Craig Cooper

Not just for athletes — this veggie boosts endurance and brain power

Up until now, the research on the benefits of beets and beet juice for athletes and athletic performance have centered around the nitrates in this root vegetable. But now the news about beets just got better…

Carl Lowe

Drink the heart health superjuice

If you seek a powerful superjuice that can both restore heart health and juice up athletic performance, you should sip the juice once thought a humble vegetable juice but which has now humbled the competition.