Dr. Elizabeth Klodas MD, FACC

The Nordic diet: Fad or lifestyle?

The Nordic diet is based on the way people in Scandinavia have eaten for years. While the Nordic diet highlights more lingonberries and fewer olives, the premise is similar to the Mediterranean diet. Eating the Nordic way should add up to way less sugar than you’d get on a typical American diet, and that’s just one benefit…

Carolyn Gretton

How grains can dash diabetes by more than 30 percent

The average American eats less than one daily serving of whole grains, and some studies show that over 40 percent of Americans never eat whole grains at all. When you know what whole grains can do for blood sugar, it’s no wonder so many Americans are in trouble…

Joyce Hollman

The grain you’ve never heard of that could prevent diabetes

Most of us have gotten the message: eating more whole grains (as opposed to refined grains like white flour and white rice), is key to healthy living, especially if you want to avoid chronic disease. And nothing can become chronic faster than jumping from prediabetes to a full-fledged diagnosis. But the right grain can completely turn things around, and it’s gluten-free…

Joyce Hollman

The over-50 food for better blood sugar, blood pressure and a slim waist

When it comes to keeping all your bodily systems healthy, the fact that refined grains are “out” and whole grains are “in” is no longer new news. But it turns out, there are very specific benefits for older adults on five major risk factors for heart disease, including waist size…

Carolyn Gretton

How refined grains stack your odds of heart attack and stroke

It’s no news flash that refined grains like white flour are bad for your health. But while many studies on refined grains have focused on their impact on weight and blood sugar, it turns out they significantly boost our odds for heart attack or stroke. Good news: Whole grains do just the opposite.

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

People who eat pasta have healthier diets and weight

If you’re a pasta lover, I’ve got good news! Despite the bad rap pasta dishes have gotten, new research is revealing that it can be part of a healthy diet and could also help you lose weight and keep your waist trim. But you don’t get the all-clear to slather it with thick, creamy Alfredo sauce…