Heart Attack

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Why is heart attack mortality higher in the U.S.?

From imaging equipment to procedures like bypass or angioplasty to open a blocked artery as a heart attack happens, it would seem U.S. hospitals have all they need to provide the best care available to prevent the worst from happening. The truth may surprise you…

Joyce Hollman

A late bedtime won’t turn you into a pumpkin but possibly a heart attack statistic

There are numerous ways to lower your risk of becoming a heart disease statistic, from exercise to eating habits to stress reduction. Apparently, picking just the right bedtime is just as crucial. Too early or too late means a 12 to 25 percent increase in your risk. But there was an optimal bedtime to aim for…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Death during sex: Not just a danger for older men

Sex isn’t just enjoyable. It relieves stress and boosts your immune system. But it’s not all rosy when it comes to what happens between the sheets. Sometimes people die during or shortly after sex due to sudden cardiac death. And it doesn’t just happen to older men…

Joyce Hollman

Mental or physical stress: Which is worse for the heart

High blood pressure. High cholesterol. Diabetes. These are all major risk factors for heart disease. But more and more research is pointing to another candidate that may be a bigger trigger for heart attack than any of these well-known factors.

Joyce Hollman

10 heart symptoms you should never ignore

The image most people have of a heart attack comes from the movies. Suddenly and without warning, someone clutches their chest, moans, and falls to the ground, dead. But that cinematic version of a heart attack is misleading. Often there are signs that, if caught early enough, can turn that bad ending around.

Virginia Tims-Lawson

Silent coronary atherosclerosis: What tests may not reveal

If you’ve had a yearly checkup, you may feel confident that your risk of a future heart attack is low, thanks to cardiac CT scans and CAC scoring, now widely used to gauge the accumulation of calcified arterial plaque. But that gold standard test meant to help you and your doctor stay ahead of any potential danger isn’t getting the complete picture…