Heart Disease

Joyce Hollman

The secret to staying out of the hospital

No one enjoys being hospitalized, even if the reason isn’t life-threatening. The food is bad, the gowns drafty, tests demeaning and the longer you stay, the more muscle mass you lose. Luckily, there’s a not-so-shocking way to cut down on your chance of a hospital stay, even if you’ve already had a few…

Joyce Hollman

The bedtime activity for better blood flow and heart health

It’s a big job for the heart to keep your circulatory system working. And as we get older it can get harder to support the healthy blood flow every inch of our body needs. But there’s a way to pump that up so to speak, even when you hit the sheets…

Joyce Hollman

When heart disease can spell dementia later in life

Most of us think that heart disease is a condition of old age. It happens to people in their 60s and 70s. But this is a fallacy. It can strike much earlier than most of us realize. And the earlier it does, the higher the risk of dementia down the road…

Joyce Hollman

Kidney disease and cluster conditions lead to dangerous heart syndrome

You’ve likely heard of metabolic syndrome by now, even if you don’t have the condition. But if you do and start to have kidney problems, you’re at high risk for a major new heart syndrome affecting one-third of adults across the country…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

What happens at work that doubles men’s heart disease risk

There are a lot of health problems that men and women share, even heart disease. But what differs are the causes and risk factors. One cause of heart disease for men is not so much of a surprise. But the fact that it puts our dads, brothers and husbands at twice the risk is…

Joyce Hollman

8 steps to slow aging as much as six years

The American Heart Association has a running list on how to achieve optimal heart health. As a nation, we’ve got a lousy score. But an unexpected finding of adhering to this list doesn’t just mean a higher score… it can help you turn your age back as much as 6 years.