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Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Is exercise the secret to being skinny? Think again!

Have you ever looked at a thin person and assumed they must workout a lot? Because the secret to being thin is burning calories, right? The truth is thin people tend to be far less active than those of us with a few extra pounds. Turns out there’s something else up their sleeve…

Joyce Hollman

10 surprising things that cause hair loss

Aging is not automatically accompanied by hair loss. But there are lifestyle and other factors that could cause you to see more hair in your hairbrush than you’re used to. I was surprised to find that several of these may be behind my own hair loss.

Joyce Hollman

Early signs of functional decline that lead to male ‘frailty’

Maybe it’s because some still hold strong to the adage that men are the stronger sex. Or maybe it’s because men themselves aren’t open about health problems they experience with age. That’s a problem because male frailty is real and two signs can indicate if you’re headed there early…

Joyce Hollman

Our organs age at different rates and what it means

When you read about slowing aging or promoting a longer lifespan, it’s a safe bet you assumed your biological age applied to your whole body. Turns out, while our organs are busy doing different jobs, they’re also aging at different rates. What’s that mean for us?

Carolyn Gretton

Estrogen may give women the edge in COVID-19 survival

Is estrogen a woman’s superpower? It may be when it comes to surviving a run-in with COVID-19. Enough so that researchers are wondering if balancing the hormone can help older women who may be particularly vulnerable.

Virginia Tims-Lawson

The common chemical that’s shrinking penises

One of the top factors men have to worry about is the chemicals they’re exposed to, even in their aftershave. Now, a leading scientist has a new warning that’s more worrisome than what phthalates are doing to your testosterone levels and your bedroom performance. They’re also causing penises to shrink.