Dr. Michael Cutler

Mind infusions to supercharge your health

You can use the power of just your mind to propel you into physical health. You won’t do this just sitting on the sofa thinking about it, however… I want to share with you what I’ve found as the best nutrition for your mind and your happiness.

Craig Cooper

10 ways meditation makes you better

Meditation has been making its way, gradually, from the realm of the Buddhist, the hippie, and the yogi into the mainstream, all for a very good reason. If you’re not on the meditation bandwagon, it’s time you considered it…

Jenny Smiechowski

12-minute meditation can save your memory

When you first notice your memory starting to slip, it’s alarming. Why can’t you remember the name of the person you just met? Or the movie you just saw? And, most importantly, does it mean you’re on the path to Alzheimer’s?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz

Unwind your mind for the deepest healing

Meditation and meditative exercises are powerful tools for optimal health. These time-honored practices promote healing on every level: physical, mental, emotional, and psycho-spiritual. Give yourself a few extra moments to unwind your mind. It’s been a busy year – you deserve it.

Dr. Mark Wiley

Meditation: Harvard says it really works!

Today, there are enough people practicing meditation, and enough research, that meditation is gaining ground as perhaps the best overall non-medical practice for promoting well-being. And science shows the practice really changes your brain — and your health.

Jenny Smiechowski

Have faith — and fewer migraines

Migraines are the mother of all headaches. Most drug remedies only provide partial relief, if at all. But there is one solution that’s showing promise…