Mind infusions to supercharge your health

You can use the power of just your mind to propel you into physical health.

You won’t do this just sitting on the sofa thinking about it, however…

I want to share with you what I’ve found as the best nutrition for your mind and your happiness.

Real brain nutrition

It is true that you can keep your mind active with many kinds of input such as keeping up on social media posts, watching the news, or reading an interesting novel. But some of those activities are steeped with negative energy… especially social media and the news these days.

However, there is another important way to fortify your mind and body.

And that’s with an infusion of “mind” nutrition in addition to edible food and micronutrients. I want to tell you more about the secret super power of meditation…

You can do meditation in as few as five minutes, but I recommend 20 to 60 minutes. All it takes is dedicated time alone to sit quietly, close your eyes, and focus your mind on what you hear and experience. After a meditation, you’ll feel more focused and in control for your entire day.

Let me explain now in more detail…

Mind infusions

In our material world, an infusion is a liquid extract, such as tea, or an intravenous (IV) infusion of nutrients in a saline solution. Similarly, mind infusions are received slowly, and are also medicines for the mind.

The most healing mind infusions I have discovered are the ones containing truthful positive energy through words (providing insights) and music (containing energy-in-motion, a.k.a. “e-motion”).

Mind infusions, or guided meditations, are used for cleansing negative thoughts and negative emotions such as anxiety, stress, low self-esteem and worry — and replacing them with thoughts of personal power and well-being. These infusions will begin to re-wire your basic thought patterns with strong positive “can-do” mental attitude. The music takes you to a relaxed state of mind, allowing the affirmations to plant powerful seeds of thought into your conscious and subconscious mind.

I have experienced many, many hours of this in my personal life mastery training. And just like optimal nutrition for my body, I deserve repeated infusions of this kind of nutrition for my mind.

I currently enjoy reading Old Path White Clouds, Walking in the Footsteps of the Buddha. This is the retold life story and teachings of Siddhārtha, also called Gautama Buddha. He taught us how to find truth within us, to be liberated from worries and frustrations of the world around us, and to think and act in peaceful, compassionate, and wise ways.

No doubt, it is a way of deep happiness. It is often difficult to consistently experience deep happiness while still providing for a family in this modern world. That’s why I recommend simple guided meditations I call “mind infusions.” They are a practical and powerful way to experience deep happiness.

I personally know that we are all part of a non-tangible eternal world that is brimming with intelligence and love — energy of the “Divine Ones.” The words “I AM” are sacred and beautiful for me. By saying the words “I AM” you affirm your connection and actual part of the Divine intelligence and love that emanates through and from evolved, high vibrational beings (living on Earth or in another dimension near us). Therefore, using these words “I AM” in affirmations or meditations is particularly motivating and inspiring. These and similar guided meditations provide new insights from your higher mind along with wonderful feelings (e-motion).

You can call it what you want, but there is no denying it is real when you experience it. I invite you to experience one with an open mind and heart. It will ignite a spiritual connection to your higher self and align you with the divine creation that you are. They are free of charge. Try if for yourself and see:

  • This is a 21-minute visual meditation entitled, “Vibrant Health & Wellbeing
  • This is a 21-minute visual meditation entitled, “Spiritual Self Expression & Inner Power
  • This is a 1-hour visual meditation entitled, “Positive Affirmations for Inner Strength.” This one contains sound frequencies along with positive affirmations for your mental strength, personal development, spiritual growth, success, and abundance. The sound frequencies are used to open energy centers (in your body) of spiritual connection, called Chakras. According to the International Association of Reiki Professionals, Chakras have the loving responsibility of taking in, incorporating and emanating energy to keep us functioning at optimal levels.


Why journaling? This gives you time to summarize your mental or emotional breakthroughs of the meditation experience. Then, you can effectively zero in on what exactly you will do, say, or be.

During journaling, you write down your clear intentions for the day, week, or month so they will be in your thoughts, on their way to becoming reality. Feel free to even take a couple of minutes to describe your dream… in detail.

Imagine what it is you desire. See it… and allow yourself to just feel if you were experiencing it in reality already. This triggers quantum energy in your behalf and propels you towards your dream. If you dream it repeatedly, you will find new doors in time which lead you closer and eventually to your dream. This is called being a conscious creator of your desires. It is absolutely real and anyone who wants to make fun of it simply has not sincerely learned about it and practiced it in their lives.

If you have not yet seen the documentary or read the book, The Secret, then this is your first homework assignment for this week.

To your long-term health! You deserve to FEEL GOOD.

Michael Cutler, M.D.

Source: By Thich Nhat Hanh. Paralax Press, 1991.
Dr. Michael Cutler

By Dr. Michael Cutler

Dr. Michael Cutler is a graduate of Tulane University School of Medicine and is a board-certified family physician with more than 20 years of experience. He serves as a medical liaison to alternative and traditional practicing physicians. His practice focuses on an integrative solution to health problems. Dr. Cutler is a sought-after speaker and lecturer on experiencing optimum health through natural medicines and founder of the original Easy Health Options™ newsletter — an advisory on natural healing therapies and nutrients. His current practice is San Diego Integrative Medicine, near San Diego, California.