Oxidative Stress

Carolyn Gretton

The crazy high cancer risk that comes after gallbladder surgery

Few of us give our gallbladders any thought until trouble starts. As a result, gallbladder removal is one of the most common procedures in the United States. So no big deal, right? Wrong. New insights into what happens after the tiny organ is gone highlight a very high risk for kidney cancer.

Joyce Hollman

One a day to lower cholesterol, stroke and heart disease risk

Oxidation in the body is the start of a chain reaction that ends in hardened arteries, stroke, heart disease or worse. Just as it turns an apple brown or causes metal to rust, oxidation causes harm in our bodies. The good news is that oxidative stress is largely preventable…

Virginia Tims-Lawson

Breaking the link between air pollution and osteoporosis

Is it any wonder that 80 percent of Americans living with osteoporosis are women? By nature, the odds are against us. And now we’re learning with every breath, it gets worse. Air pollution is eating away at our bones, but we’re not as helpless about it as it might seem…

Virginia Tims-Lawson

Verified secrets that supercentenarians share

Recently, the world’s oldest living person passed away. Sister André was a supercentenarian, someone who lives significantly beyond 100 years. But despite a life of selflessness, she had a few indulgences in life, two of which she shared with another woman verified to live to 120! Here are their secrets…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The diet found to fight dementia 4 ways

One diet has been shown to douse the fires of inflammation, prop up a failing immune system and enhance longevity. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s more good news: how it fights against dementia in four very powerful ways…

Joyce Hollman

From weight loss to lower cholesterol: How to get the most from apples

Study after study has shown the health benefits of apples give credence to the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But, there are many ways to enjoy apples, and they’re not all created equal when it comes to reaping their nutritional value…