Margaret Cantwell

Why going meatless isn’t always a good idea

What happens when you exclude all meat and animal products from your diet? For starters, that makes you a vegan. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But if it’s about health, you should know that much of the research warning us off meat is being called into question…

Easy Health Options Staff

The best diets for cancer patients and cancer survivors

Lifestyle changes often follow a cancer diagnosis, both during treatment and after. Eating well is often the first step. And there is good reason for it, say the experts. But of the five most popular diets that cancer patients or those wishing to avoid cancer often turn to, two really stand out…

Jenny Smiechowski

How to avoid this Paleo pitfall

Even the healthiest diets have hidden pitfalls you need to watch out for. Because, often when you give something up, deficiencies can develop. The Paleo diet is no different, but there’s a simple solution…

Margaret Cantwell

Killer filler-foods your DNA can’t handle

Researchers are onto something they’re referring to as “junk DNA,” and think it may hold the key as to why some of us go on to develop the severe intolerance that triggers an inflammatory reaction. You can’t do much about your DNA, but you can this…

Margaret Cantwell

The paleo food that may save your liver

There’s one food that could be considered the most authentic part of the paleo diet. Not only is it closest to foods humans ate 10,000 years ago, its benefits for the liver are a revelation.