Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The link between poor sleep, deep belly fat and your heart

Not sleeping well makes you feel bad, but probably a lot worse when you realize the domino effect it starts that’s been found to lead to dangerous visceral fat and cardiovascular disease. Here’s the research and what may work to help you avoid that dangerous trajectory…

Joyce Hollman

A late bedtime won’t turn you into a pumpkin but possibly a heart attack statistic

There are numerous ways to lower your risk of becoming a heart disease statistic, from exercise to eating habits to stress reduction. Apparently, picking just the right bedtime is just as crucial. Too early or too late means a 12 to 25 percent increase in your risk. But there was an optimal bedtime to aim for…

Joyce Hollman

4 ways cherries make you feel better

It’s no accident that the small, sweet cherry has found its way into idioms that express how good life is. To “put the cherry on top” means to make a good thing even better. That’s because there are few downsides to eating cherries, and a lot of benefits to be had…

Joyce Hollman

Sleep better with the bedtime routine of a toddler

Many things conspire against us when it comes to sleeping well: a snoring partner, medications we’re taking or various medical conditions. But there are four pillars of a good bedtime routine that work whether you’re three or 43…

Carolyn Gretton

The strong connection between bad sleep, bad attitude and bad aging

Getting older has its advantages, but losing sleep isn’t one of them. Not only does age-related sleep loss hurt your physical and cognitive health, researchers are finding it can make you distressed about aging. And that negative outlook could have further consequences for your physical and mental well-being…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Want a good night’s sleep? Get naked

Sleeping well impacts your overall health. Yet, for many of us, getting those elusive eight hours isn’t just a struggle, it can seem impossible. But there’s good news. Sleep researchers have not only discovered why so many of us have sleep issues, they’ve also narrowed in on ways you can rest better — including stripping down before you hit the sheets.