Jenny Smiechowski

How yoga relieves rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and boosts remission

When your joints are painful, swollen and inflamed from a rheumatoid arthritis attack the last thing you feel like doing is putting pressure on them. But as counterintuitive as it sounds, there’s one activity that when you have RA, could be your ticket to symptom relief and even remission…

Jenny Smiechowski

How to get your body and mind back in balance after a Parkinson’s diagnosis

Getting the news you have Parkinson’s can be hard on your bearings. Even if things weren’t looking good and you expected the diagnosis. Because a progressive nervous system disorder affects movement, exercise is a good recommendation because it can help slow disease progression. But the right exercise carries even bigger benefits…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

8 proven ways yoga improves rheumatoid arthritis at the molecular level

If you’re a victim of RA, you know it can leave you exhausted, depressed and in severe pain, with joint swelling and stiffness. Even worse, when you go to your doctor for help, the likelihood of finding safe relief without miserable side effects is almost non-existent. That may be changing…

Joyce Hollman

‘Mind-body’ nerve reveals why a simple breathing technique could manage depression

The vagus nerve connects brain and body. It tells our heart to beat, our lungs to breathe, our stomach to digest… But the messages can go the other way, from our body back to our brain. Managing depression can be as easy as knowing how to message your brain.

Jenny Smiechowski

5 yoga poses for better bladder control (slideshow)

Research shows that about 50 percent of adult women deal with urinary incontinence. That means, when you head out to dinner with your girlfriends, half of the women at the table are worried about their bladder control too.

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The pain-busting practice proven to work

Weirdly enough, women with conditions like fibromyalgia have lower-than-average cortisol levels (a stress hormone). This contributes to pain, fatigue and stress sensitivity. But, researchers have found a way to combat that problem…